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With years of experience in the promotional game, and X amount of umbrellas sold annually- we have learned that exceptional service, quality products and an unbeatable price match guarantee sets us apart from the competition. Our customers have come to expect the best products, extensive knowledge and a commitment to excellence that we strive to exceed every day. Whether it is designing a custom umbrella for a small business needing only a handful of pieces, to filling a large order for an international client on a deadline, we are committed to giving our clients the very best. And our clients will tell you, it works.

“We've tried many different promotional materials over the years, but with the umbrellas, the client gets something that they will use and will continue to use for a long time. Plus, because the promotional item is not a throw away type item, they feel like they have been given something of value, and they feel more valued as a customer. It's a great marketing tool.”

Jim Wilson - Applied Research Inc.

“I've actually had clients say 'Thank You' after giving them an umbrella. They seem to really appreciate us doing something like this to say thank you. Plus, you get the advertising that comes along with the opening of the umbrella every time it rains. That's where the value comes from the minimal investment.”

Steve Kramer - Thomson Construction Co.